• Personal Law - Criminal justice and you, the consumer
       Grade: Open to grades 9,10,11,12
       20 Week course, meets 5 times per week, .5 credits
       Exam: Local
       This course is designed to provide those thinking of a career in the legal field with exposure to the law, and provide all students with the knowledge to protect themselves as a citizen and consumer entering into contracts.  The main topics covered are:
    • The Legal System in the U.S.
    • Criminal Justice: Search & Seizure, Vandalism, Shoplifting, Assault & Battery
    • Buying and Insuring your car
    • Renting an apartment
    • Buying Real estate
    • Marriage and Divorce
    • Credit cards and Consumer Loans
    • Civil Law: law suits (torts) and minors rights under contracts

    arrest torts us supreme court


Last Modified on June 26, 2013