• *Business Math
          Who may take the course: Grades 9,10,11,12
          40 Week course, meets 5 times per week.  1 Credit
          Exam: Local
    *This course may be taken as an elective or as a 3rd unit of Math*
    This course teaches the student about practical day-to-day business applications of basic arithmetic.  The main topics covered are:
    • A review of Basic math skills
    • Calculating paychecks and taxes
    • Balancing checking accounts
    • Loans, installment buying and credit cards
    • Investments and insurance
    • Purchases, sale discounts and mark-ups
    • Car loans, apartment renting and mortgages
    • Financial statements, rations & charts
    • Business management, partnerships, business costs & inventory

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Last Modified on June 26, 2013