• Summer Honors Assignments 2018

    IB, AP, & Honors Students at Kenmore East

    Benefit from Summer Reading

    Reading over the summer provides students with opportunities to broaden their literacy backgrounds, increase their reading and writing skills, and enrich their vocabularies.  It also allows the IB, AP, and Honors classes to begin literature discussion on the first day of school, as well as providing more time during the school year to cover other books and materials.

    All students enrolled in an IB, AP, or Honors English class for the 2018-019 school year, must individually complete an original summer honors project.   Details about this project will be discussed with in-coming 8th graders when Mr. LaFalce visits the middle schools and will also be available in Kenmore East’s Counseling Center throughout the summer.  


    Next year’s Honors, AP, and IB students will receive information from the English teachers towards the end of the school year.  All projects are due Friday, September 7, 2018, unless otherwise noted in the description below. There will be no extensions for these projects.



    • 8th grade Honors: This course will focus on skills necessary for advancement in future ELA Honors, AP, and IB courses.  Reading skills include vocabulary acquisition, author’s craft, and understanding of different styles of reading.  Writing skills include supporting an argument, varying sentence structure, and analysis of author’s purpose. All candidates must do summer reading and complete assignments due on the first day of class based on Rudolfo Anaya’s novel Bless Me, Ultima.  Other texts will be paired with the summer reading book for the first unit of study.



    • 9th grade Honors students will be responsible for reading a teacher-approved book and individually completing a summer reading project.  Students will use their recommended reading list from Scholastic Reading Counts to select a book and submit the title to Mrs. Thielman for approval.  The assignment must be typed, and students will be required to submit their work to www.turnitin.com by Friday, September 7, 2018 in addition to bringing a hard copy to class to turn in.  Students may contact Mrs. Thielman via email with questions.


    • 10th grade Honors: Students will be reading The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger along with four non-fiction articles connected to the novel. Each student will join an assigned Google Classroom group to complete a series of written assignments: four reactions assignments while reading the novel, a reaction to each one of the non-fiction articles, and one final reflection on the summer reading. All reading and written work needs to be completed and posted in the Google Classroom group by September 1st.


    • 11th grade Honors Students will be responsible for reading The Man Who Ate the 747 by Ben Sherwood.  Students are encouraged to purchase their own copies, but copies will be available upon request.  Students will complete a written assessment over the summer and submit it to Mrs. Holler by the due date.  Mrs. Holler will provide each student with a letter and make a presentation outlining the assignment in her 10th grade Honors English class.  Anyone not in that class will be invited to room 201 after school one day in June to hear the same presentation and have an opportunity to ask questions.


    • AP Literature and Composition (11th grade) All AP Literature students need to read Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut over the summer. Students are encouraged to buy a copy (used copies can be had from Amazon for as low as 99 cents), but copies will be available in room 205 until the end of the 2018 school year. While reading the book, all students are required to document the sociological influences on Paul Proteus AND the psychological influences he has on his society. This can be done in bullet/notebook form. Your notes will be collected on the first day of school. This assignment will be explained in full detail when Mr. Hanagan comes to English classes before the end of the school year.


    • 11th grade IB Language A Literature students will be responsible for reading Thomas C. Foster’s How to Read Literature Like a Professor.  Students are encouraged to purchase their own copies as annotation is required.  See Mr. Diegelman if you are unable to do so. Students will complete in-class written assessments during the first week of school.
    • 12th grade IB Language A Literature 2 students will not have a summer reading assignment, as they should be working on their extended essays. Or, Mr. Lasch will give you a copy of the 12 IB reading list if you are looking to get ahead.



    • 12th grade Honors students will read and thoroughly annotate The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood. Students are required to purchase the book (see Mrs. Wulf if this is not possible). Annotated books are due the first student attendance day of the 2018-2019 school year and an essay will then be completed in class.  All incoming English 12 Honors students will receive a complete set of directions for completing this summer reading assignment prior to the end of the 2017-2018 school year.


    It is always nice to have your own copy of a book so you can note certain passages and questions as you read. However, if you do not choose to purchase your own copies, you can sign-out the above books through our English department.  The 10H, 11H, 11AP, 11 IB, and 12H books will be distributed towards the end of the school year. The 8H and 9H books will be available in the front office throughout the summer.

    Please feel free to contact the appropriate honors teacher with any questions.

    English 8 Honors:             

    Mr. Scot LaFalce

    e-mail:  slafalce@ktufsd.org


    English 9 Honors:             

    Mrs. Debbie Thielman

    e-mail:  dthielman@ktufsd.org


    English 10 Honors:        

    Mr. Paul Lasch

    e-mail:  plasch@ ktufsd.org


    Mr. Jeff Liss

    e-mail:  jliss@ ktufsd.org


    English 11 Honors:

    Mrs. Lisa Holler

    e-mail: lholler@ktufsd.org


    AP Literature:                    

    Mr. Brennan Hanagan

    e-mail: bhanagan@ ktufsd.org


    IB Language A Literature:

    Mr. Jeff Diegelman

    e-mail: jdiegelman@ ktufsd.org


    IB Language A Literature 2:

    Mr. Paul Lasch

    e-mail:  plasch@ ktufsd.org

    English 12H:                      

    Mrs. Heather Wulf

    e-mail: hwulf@ ktufsd.org

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