English 10 Research Project: This is Your Future!


    You are required, as a student in English 10, to conduct a research assignment and learn various tools used to conduct research. Your project will ideally help you create your schedule for next year and prepare you for life after Kenmore West! 




    ·You must complete a project containing:


    1.   A cover- include photos, your name and period number

    2.   Main article- 2 pages minimum, double spaced with size 12 Times New Roman Font

    o  Introductory Paragraph

    o  Body Paragraph #1- What they do…

    o  Body Paragraph #2- Work environment

    o  Body Paragraph #3- How to become one…

    o  Body Paragraph #4- Pay

    o  Body Paragraph #5- Job outlook

    o  Conclusion Paragraph

    3.   Interview

    4.   Completed sample job application

    5.   Work Cited using Noodle Tools

    6.   Overall Reflection- 200 words (1/2 typed page)


    ·You must turn in all notes that go with your research.

    ·You must have used at least three (3) sources to gain information about your topic. 

    1.   A book or printed source

    2.   Information fromwww.bls.gov

    3.   Interview

    ·You will complete a final reflection in class after you turn in your finished project.



    What steps do I take?

    1.           Use Naviance to complete various interest surveys.

    2.           Pick a career.

    3.           Interview someone who works in the career.

    4.           Research the career onwww.bls.govand read printed information from the library book cart.

    5.           Complete the graphic organizer using your interview, website, and printed text.

    6.           Write your main article using your graphic organizer as a rough draft. 

    7.           Complete a sample job application.

    8.           Cite your work on Noodle Tools.

    9.           Create a cover page.

    10.         Reflect and offer advice to the 10thgraders next year. 

    Due: Friday, February 27th

    Interview Guide


    You can get a great deal of valuable information about the world of work from people employed in various occupations. To identify employed individuals who may be able to supply you with current career information, begin with those persons most easily accessible to you; your family, friends, co-workers, school, and other resources.



    1.      You are not asking for a job.

    2.      You have the right and the responsibility to yourself to seek information from those who can help you.

    3.      Prepare yourself for the information interview by learning as much as you can about the field and the person you will be interviewing.

    4.      Prepare a list of additional questions specific to the field you want to ask.

    5.      Be prepared to take notes during the interview.

    6.      Express interest and appreciation.


    Who did you interview?  ______________________________________________________


    Where do they work?  ________________________________________________________


    What is his/her career?  _______________________________________________________





    How would you characterize this career? (competitive, quiet, rapidly changing, stressful, etc.)





    What are your predictions for the future for this career? Is it expanding?





    Are qualified workers needed in this field? Where is the greatest need?





    What is the potential income for this career? What is the typical starting salary range?


                                                                                                                                  This Is Your Future


    Question Sheet



    Below are questions to help guide you in your search about your future career.  Use them to find as much information about your career as possible.  Answer as many questions as you possibly can.




    What they do?

    ·         Exactly what tasks might I do on the job?

    ·         What would a typical day or month be like?

    ·         What is the product or service I will be providing?

    ·         Would I work with data, people, or things?

    ·         Would I travel? Where and how often?

    ·         Would I sit all day? Stand? Get outside the office?

    ·         Who would my boss be?

    ·         Is there any danger to my health or physical safety?



    Work Environment…


    ·         Do I have the chance to work anywhere I choose?  In any state?

    ·         Are there jobs available in the areas I want to live in?

    ·         What do people in the job say they like most about their job?  The least?

    ·         Are the hours regular or irregular?  Long or short? 

    ·         Does the work involve a part-time, full-time or over-time schedule?

    ·         Would I work evenings, weekends, or holidays?

    ·         How much vacation is typical for this job?

    ·         Is the work steady or seasonal?

    ·         Would the job get harder as I get older?

    ·         Is the work hazardous or dangerous?

    ·         Is the occupation one that will make you happy?



    How to become one…


    ·         How much education is required?

    ·         Do I need special training or certification?

    ·         How long does it take?

    ·         What does it include?

    ·         How much does it cost?

    ·         Where can I get list of schools that have this program?

    ·         What kind of high school or college program is required?

    ·         What subjects should I take to help me?

    ·         Is there more than one way to prepare? If so, what are the alternatives?

    ·         Is it possible that instead of formal training, I could learn on the job?







    ·         What is the base annual salary for the job at entry level, mid-level, and top-level?

    ·         Are bonuses given for excellent work?

    ·         Does a sales job pay salary plus commission or only commission?

    ·         Does a job pay overtime?

    ·         What employee benefits are usual with this occupation?

    ·         How much money could I reasonably expect to earn in this occupation after five years?

    ·         Are raises based on doing a good job, or on pay scales determined seniority?

    ·         Have others in this field gone on to open their own businesses and how have they done?

    ·         Does this job make enough to pay the bills or would I need a second job?



    Job Outlook…


    ·         Do I have a reasonable chance to find a job in this field?

    ·         Will I be able to work as long as my health is good?  If not, what could I do to prepare for a

    second career?

    ·         Have I done enough research to know that technology isn’t likely to cut this career short?

    ·         Am I willing to live where the best jobs in the field are located?  Where is that?

    ·         Does this occupation depend on government action for its ups and downs?

    ·         Is this occupation strongly affected by changes in the economy?




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