•  Discussion Starters
    **  What was the book about?  Explain.
    **  What character would you most like to meet?  Why? 
    **What is the major problem the main character faces?  How is it resolved?
    **  Talk about something that happened in the book that surprised you or that you found interesting.
    **  If you haven't finished reading the book yet, briefly talk about what has happened so far and what you predict will happen next.
    **  Can you make a connection to the text?  Share what you read in the book and the connection you made.  Is it a   T-S, T-T, or T-W connection?
    **  What advice you give a character in this book?  Why?
    **  What do you think the author's message is?
    **  Describe your feelings after finishing the book.  Share some events from the story to show why you feel that emotion.
    **  Why do you think the author chose the opening line he/she did?  Do you like it?  Did it make you want to read further?
Last Modified on February 11, 2013