• Don'ts:
    **  Don't read stories that you don't enjoy yourself.
    **  Don't continue reading a book once it is obvious that it was a poor choice.
    **Don't read above a child's emotional level.
    **  Don't start reading if you are not going to have enough time to do it justice.  Having to stop after one or two pages only serves to frustrate, rather than stimulate, the child's interest in reading.
    **Don't use the book as a threat-  "If you don't pick up your room, so story tonight!"  As soon as your child sees that you've turned the book into a weapon, they'll change their attitude about books from positive to negative.  
    **  Don't confuse quantity with quality.  Reading to your child 10 minutes, given your full attention and enthusiasm, may very well last longer in the child's mid than 2 hours of solitary television viewing. 
Last Modified on February 8, 2013