• Research on Successful Learners Indicates Four Aspects of the Home Environment of Nearly Every "Early Reader"
     1.  The child is to read on a regular basis.  Parents were avid readers and led by example.  The reading aloud included not only books, but package labels, street and truck signs, billboards, etc.
    2.  A wide variety of printed material-  books, magazines, newspapers, comics- is available at home.
    3.  Paper and pencil are readily available for the child.
    4.  The people in the child's home stimulate the child's interest in reading and writing by answering endless questions, praising the child's efforts at reading and writing, taking the child to the library frequently, buying books, writing stories that the child dictates, and displaying his paperwork in prominent places in the home. 
    4 Aspects  
Last Modified on February 8, 2013