• What Is Readiness?
       *  the classification of words that represent people, places and things
     Readiness is..
       a child who LISTENS
       *  to directions without interrupting
       *  to stories and poems for five to ten minutes without restlessness
       a child who HEARS
       *  words that rhyme
       *  words that begin with the same sound or different sounds
       a child who SEES
       *  likenesses and differences in pictures and designs
       *  letters and words that match
       a child who UNDERSTANDS
       * the relationship inherent in such words as up and down, to[ and bottom, over and under, little and big
       a child who SPEAKS CLEARLY and can
       *  stay on the topic in class discussions
       *  retell a story or poem in correct sequence
       *  tell a story or relate an experience of his/her own
       a child who THINKS and can
       *  give the main idea of a story      
       *  give unique ideas and important details                                                                              
       *  give reasons for his/her opinions
       a child who OBEYS
       *  classroom rules as established by the teacher                                                                        Readiness
       *  safety rules on playground and school bus
       *  fire drill rules quickly and quietly
       a child who WORKS
       *  without being easily distracted
       *  and follows directions
       *  and completes each task
       *  and takes pride in his/her work
Last Modified on February 8, 2013