Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda UFSD

    Dignity for ALL Students Act

    DASA Reporters:

    Administrators                 School Counselors                           Parents

    School Psychologists                             Teachers                            Board of Education

    Support Staff                        Custodians                          School Resource Officer


    **This includes all district employees**

    Dignity Act Coordinator Responsibilities:

    • Supporting the staff in deciding if the incident falls under the DASA law.

    • Helping the staff to fill out the DASA form.

    • Collaborating with the Principal, Assistant Principal and School Counselors to do investigations and create interventions for the alleged victim and offender.

    • Track the DASA related incidents on the District DASA spreadsheet

    • DASA Report forms should be kept in a DASA binder, alphabetized by the alleged victim only.  (A DASA Report form does not need to be filled out for the alleged offender.)

    How do I know it’s a DASA incident?

    1. Did it create a hostile environment where a student was subjected to discrimination or harassment?

    2. Is it a single incident or series of related incidents that:

    • unreasonably and substantially interferes with a student’s education and/or

    • affects a student’s mental, emotional and/or physical well-bring and/or

    • causes a student to fear for his or her physical safety

    If it fits under one or more of the following items and one or more of the 11 bias categories it would be considered a DASA related incident.  It would be the employee’s responsibility to fill out a DASA Report Form.

    **See the District DASA procedures on the next page.

    The District DASA Procedure:

    If you see an incident or a student comes to you to discuss an incident related to bullying, harassment or intimidation by an employee or student it is your responsibility to do the following:

    1. Gather facts from the alleged victim.

    2. Touch base with the Dignity Act Coordinator (DAC) in the building.

    3. Discuss the incident with the DAC to decide if the incident is a DASA and/or Discipline Referral incident.

    4. If the incident is DASA related you must fill out the DASA Report Form to the best of your ability and sign the form.  Please use the DAC as a resource to help you fill out the form if necessary.  

    5. When the DASA report is filled out return it to the DAC.

    6. The DAC will bring it to the attention of the Principal/Assistant Principal and continue an investigation into the DASA incident.

    7. NEW - If an incident involves a student with a disability (IEP or 504), the CSE must be informed by the DAC of the incident within 48 hours and outcome of the investigation.  The CSE will be convened for each reported incident.  

Last Modified on September 16, 2016