• Patton
    Welcome to the Rise of Dictators:
    The History of World War II
    Churchill, Hitler, Ike, McArthur, Monty, Patton, Roosevelt, Stalin, &Tojo
    Born in the past, raised with different ideologies, brought together to participate in the largest conflict man has ever seen.  Fate brought these men together and the world would never be the same again.  This course begins with the roots of WWI and concludes by laying the seeds for the Cold War.  Topics include Weapons of the 20th Century, The War to end all Wars, Blitzkrieg, Operations Barbarossa Market Garden, Overlord, Sea Lion, & Torch, the heroism of both the defenders of Stalingrad & Wake Island, the Axis Rule of Four Continents, the entire Pacific Campaign, the Battles of  the 'Bulge', Iwo Jima, Kursk,  & Monte Casino, and the ushering in of the Atomic Age.  Using audio, film, models, multimedia, primary sources, and photography, students will learn why World War II forever changed mankind.
Last Modified on September 10, 2018