ClassroomPolicies & Procedures

    Mr. McPhee, Room 317, Business Department


    Dear Student,


    Welcome to my class!  The following guidelines are designed to make the time you spend here more enjoyable and worthwhile for you.  Please read them carefully, then print and sign  your name in the indicated spaces if you agree to follow them.

    As this is a business course, a major goal of this course is to have you consistently demonstrate behaviors that will insure your success in future employment.  As a result, fully one-third of your final grade will be based upon your conducting yourself in a businesslike manner.  This document is to serve as a general guide. All school rules and policies do apply, and just because a specific circumstance may not have been covered here, that does not indicate approval to engage in inappropriate behavior.


    Make sure you have the following items for each and every class:   A notebook with pockets for handouts. Two writing instruments, an agenda/planner to record assignments, and any additional material you have been advised to bring. Your text book and workbook (if issued) are required at every class meeting. 


    When you have a job, your employer expects you to be working at your starting time, not arriving for work. Make sure that you are in your seat and working when the bell rings. On your way into the class; do the following three things.  1. Check the chalk board by the door for directions on the start of class activity. 2. Check the board located at the front of the room for assignments and upcoming tests. 3. Read the objectives for the day’s lesson, also located on the front board.    


    You are on time when you are physically in your seat and working when the bell rings.  The presence of your books on your desk does not make you on time.  If you arrive late with a pass, please hand me the pass and quietly take your seat. If you do not have a late pass, you will have 5% deducted from your class participation grade. If you are late three times, you will be assigned 45 minutes detention on the Friday of my choice. 


    Many businesses allow their employees 5 sick days per year.  This is out of approximately 250 eight-hour workdays.  You have 180 work/school days this year.  Put another way, based upon 6.75 hours spent per day, 152 eight hour days.  Using this ratio, you should have no more than 3 sick days per year.  Any work or tests missed due to an illegal absence must be made-up and additional work will be assigned.  If the absence is due to truancy, a Friday detention will be added.  Copies of previous class handouts can be found in the appropriately marked file holders on top of the table by the green board.  If you do not turn in the missed work within a week of your absence, you will receive a grade of zero for it. Missed tests are placed in the AAC so that you may take them during a study hall, lunch, or after school.  You have one week to take them. For homeroom Students; absence notes from parents are to be turned into the attendance office, room 147. 


    On the job you are given tasks to do and a time frame for completing them.  If you fail to work in an efficient and productive manner, you fail to be employed for very long.  If you attempt to spend your time in class socializing, sleeping, or refusing to work, not only will you receive a failing grade for the day, disciplinary action will be taken. Work turned in after a deadline without my prior approval, receives agrade of zero. However, I reserve the right to change this policy in response to individual circumstances.


    This is a key ingredient in determining success in the working world.  Please make sure that you treat class meetings like a business meeting. Going to sleep, refusing to follow directions, or not listening when others are speaking is considered to be extremely rude behavior!  In a business setting you would eventually be fired for such behavior.  In this class,if you have to be spoken to more than once, five points will be deducted from your class participation grade and one detention will be assigned.  Any recurrences will receive a second detention and your parent or guardian will be contacted.  Cell phones and other electronic devices are to be in use in the classroom only for instructional purposes. Our activities will make it clear when their use is appropriate. Otherwise, you are not allowed to have them in school.  If I see they are disrupting the learning environment, they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.  If ithappens more than once, it will be returned at a parental conference after you have served detention on a Friday.


    I will always respect you, your person and property.  I will not allow others to mistreat you or your property in my presence.  I ask that you give me the same courtesy.  Please donot touch the items on, or in my desk, the computer, or other materials within my work area unless you have permission. In order to keep a clean pleasant work environment, please do not bring food, beverages or gum into the classroom. Also, please discard paper in the blue recycling bin and trash in the wastebasket as you enter or leave the classroom.  Please do not throw anything on the floor. We spend a great deal of time here so, let's try to keep it pleasant.  
    Keys to the Room
    My class starts the minute you enter the door.  Here are the things you need to do as you enter the room.
    • Check the Chalk board for your start-of-class activity.
    • Next, check the chalk board for homework, upcoming tests, and the learning objectives for the day's lesson.
    • The definition of being on-time for my classes is, "In your seat and working when the bell rings."  Putting your books on the desk and leaving or, walking in as the bell rings, DOES NOT make you on-time.
    • If you miss a class, FIRST check with your classmates to see if any work was turned in and what it was.  Handouts from previous lessons are located in the black file rack, on top of the table on the right, as you enter the classroom.  If you miss a test, it is YOUR responsibility to make it up! A copy of the test can be found in the AAC, so that you can take the test during a study hall or lunch, as well as after school. After you have done these things, feel free to check with me, and I will be happy to help you.
    You start the course with a class participation grade of "A" or, 100%.  This grade will be reduced by five points per infraction of the rules.  The following are some examples of reasons for loss of points.
    • Each late arrival to class, reduces your class participation grade by 5%.
    • Three late arrivals results in a 45 minute detention to be served on a Friday.
    • If you are unprepared for class, 5% will be deducted.
    • Inappropriate behavior will result in a 5% reduction or, a Friday detention as warranted.
    • Cell Phones and other electronic devices:  As per school policy, these items are not allowed in classrooms between 8:10 AM and 2:50 PM.  Therefore, if I see or hear them in my room, I will follow school policy and confiscate the item.  On the first offence, it will be returned at 2:50 PM and reduce your class participation grade by 5%.  On the second offence, I will assign a 45 minute, Friday detention.  Any further offences will result in the matter being turned over to an administrator for disciplinary action. 
Last Modified on June 26, 2013