Business & Personal Law
     Photo, auto crashsupreme court building.In hand cuffs.
    This course is designed for the student who is contemplating a career in law, business, or would like to know their rights and duties as a consumer and citizen.  The course begins with the history and structure of our legal system, exploring our constitutional rights, crimes, arrest procedures, civil suits, court and trial procedures.  As our students will be entering into many contracts throughout their lives, this course provides in-depth knowledge regarding the creation, rights, duties and termination of contracts.  Special emphasis will be given to product liability lawsuits and consumer/worker protections.  Business topics such as employee hiring, firing, forms of business ownership and property rights are also covered.  This course is equivalent in content to an introductory law course at the college level. 
    Course length-  Full year, 40 weeks.  Meets daily.
    Final exam- Yes, one-fifth of final grade.  District wide exam.  
    Grades: Open to 9,10,11,12.
    *  Required for Academy Credit. *
Last Modified on June 26, 2013