• The Cyclotron, or What do you bring to the theatre? 

    Image of the principles of a cyclotron. Cropped from U.S. Patent 1,948,384 -- Ernest O. Lawrence -- Method and apparatus for the acceleration of ions. (//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cyclotron_patent.png)

    In order to maximize what you will bring to our theatre of convergence, I want you to engage in experiences that will shape you, grow you, wake you up, and make you live. 

    Just as the theatre-goer may be blinded in the harsh sun after leaving the darkened cocoon of the theater, so to may the theatre-artist be blinded in the world of imagination that has not traveled beyond the limits of the theatre-space. Is it the sun that blinds our hapless theatre-goer? Or is it the theatre, lulling her eyes into a complacent state of pre-blindness?


    Once a cycle (every 6 days), I want you to engage in the world in a way that expands your intellectual and emotional horizons. You are free to do what you want, in any order that you choose, but you must do something in regards to the following at least once this year:


    Nature   Experience the natural world. Think about your place in it. Think about how nature is a part of who you are.

    Music      Explore a kind of music you are unfamiliar with. Get beyond whether you like it or not and try to understand it. What does it express? What does it do?

    Visual art                             Go to an art gallery. Look at art. Spend at least 10 minutes in front of one piece of art. Notice color, line, composition, form. What does it say to you?  (Psst—the first Friday of every month is free at the Albright Knox)

    Dance     Watch a dance performance. Notice the connection between the dancer and the music, and the dancer and other dancers.

    Poetry    Go to a poetry reading. Listen. Why do people do this?

    Sports    Watch a sporting event. Instead of rooting for a team, think about how it is organized. Watch the crowd (audience)—how do they behave? What do they “bring” to the experience? Why?

    Architecture         Visit a cool building. (We have quite a few) Imagine what happened there. Think about how it’s made.

    Design    Find an object with a cool “look” why does it look the way it does? How does its form impact its function?

    Science  Conduct an experiment. What happens?

    Socialize               Hang out with your friends. Do stuff that’s not illegal. Think about how you and your friends relate to one another.

    Every Day 1 or 2, I will collect your findings, which should be a reflection of at least 400 words.  (Which is a bit shorter than what I have written here.)

Last Modified on September 23, 2015