• Please check and empty your child's FOLDER daily.
    Current educational research suggests that reading for pleasure plays the biggest role over all other factors in promoting school success and enriches life beyond school.  Reading for pleasure for 30 minutes at home, each school night, is the best way to help your child become a better reader.
    Beginning in October, students are expected to read for 30 minutes every night (2 steps) Monday-Friday ...
    Read for 15 minutes (1 step) on Saturday
    Read for 15 minutes ( 1 step) on Sunday. 
    They may read anything that they would like to read (magazines, newspapers, library books, classroom books). Students may also read with a parent. 
    I am just asking that parents sign/initial their child's book log/calendar indicating that reading was done. 
    **Reminder: If your child is absent from school, they will be expected to read for an extra 30 minutes (1 hour total) to catch up on the reading that they missed in school.
    We will continue to have monthly reading goals at Hoover.  Everyone who meets the goal will be able to choose a book to take home and keep. At the beginning of each month, we will reset our "steps" to zero so that we can all start over to meet the new monthly goal.
    The best way you can help your child with math is by playing card, dice, or domino games together.  We will be learnng many different games this year and I will be encouraging your child to share the games with family members at home. I will also be sending home the Homework Workbook which may be used at home.