• Dear Parent or Guardian,

    Fastt Math is available for your children to work on at home over the summer. The goal of the program is to help students have quick and accurate recall of basic number facts. The goal is to give your child a solid foundation of fact recall to assist with problem solving.

    The program begins with an assessment that determines which facts are “Fast Facts” (the ones to which your child can respond correctly in less than a second) and which are “Study Facts” (ones he or she responds to slowly, or incorrectly). This assessment has already been administered at school, but assessments do come up occasionally to reassess what facts your child has learned.

    Over time, the program will provide instruction and practice to help your child systematically learn all the facts in the Fact Grid. It will provide students with extra practice on small groups of facts called “Focus Facts” to help students develop the ability to recall those facts quickly from memory.

    Please encourage your child to use this great program at home each day. Spending only 10-15 minutes a day can make a huge difference for your child.

    Accessing Fastt Math Online at Home

    1. Go to the FasttMath link on your school's webpage or


    Be sure to add this link to your favorites!

    2. Type in your user name and password that is printed on the bottom of this letter.

    Click GO ON

    3. The program will give you directions. You must complete at least one lesson and one game before you exit to complete the session.