Students in grades K-2 experience and learn a variety of movement, motor, coordination, spatial and social skills during P.E. class. The following list highlights and outlines some of the activities that students will participate in during P.E.

    * List is subject to change at any given time

    v    Spatial awareness

    v    Boundaries & Signals

    v    Aerobic games

    v    Adventure activities

    v    Cooperative education

    v    Locomotor skills
    v    Non-Locomotor skills
    v    Haunted gym

    v    Hand-eye coordination

    v    Ball handling skills

    v    Book themed games

    v    Balance

    v    Self-Challenges

    v    Fitness

    v    Rhythms & Dance

    v    Manipulative with a variety of equipment

    v    Throwing & Catching

    v    Gymnastics

    v    Eye-Foot coordination

    v    Jumping/landing
    v    Striking with implements