Woods Hole & New York City Highlights


    On behalf of Mr. O'Conner and Mrs. St. George, I would just like to let everyone know what a great educational trip some of the science students here at Kenmore East were exposed to this past Thursday through Sunday. We visited Woods Hole Massachussetts, and NYC.

    At Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, the students got a tour of the dock where we saw James Cameron's sub that took him to the deepest part of the ocean - the Mariana's trench in the Pacific, along with ALVIN - the sub that discovered the TITANIC back in 1985. Students also had a chance to deploy a underwater video camera and take bottom dredge samples where they collected lobsters, clams, sea urchins, starfish, and other slimy yet fun creatures while on board a research vessel. We also walked along the Atlantic Coast and visited a salt marsh during low tide looking for fiddler crabs and sand dollars while listening to a Woods Hole scientist talk about the importance of the salt marsh ecosystem, and the effect that humans are having on it.

    In NYC, students visited the Intrepid Air and Space Museum where they got to walk underneath and see up-close Space Shuttle Enterprise, along with various other air planes and helicopters from past wars and invasions. We also visited the NYC Aquarium to see what remains of the aquatic displays post Hurricane Sandy, and students got a chance to see the sea-lion show to witness first hand how marine mammal training occcurs. Later that night, we ate dinner at Nathan's Famous, and then we went to Coney Island and walked the Board Walk and the beach, where we saw the full moon, and the partial eclipse (Friday night). The next day we visited the American Museum of Natural History and the Rose Center Planetarium, where we learned about how stars are born, and also saw many of the displays seen in the movie Night at the Museum. Afterward, we took a self guided tour of Ground Zero, and saw the footprints of the new fountains where the Trade Centers once stood, along with the newly built Trade Center Tower. We ended the NYC portion of our trip by riding the Staten Island Ferry to get a up-close view of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, and finally we went to the Central Park Zoo.

    The students who went were fantastic as always, and represented Kenmore East with pride. We actually met a lady in the hotel who graduated from here in 1970, and she fondly remembered Lou Reuter and others of his day - sort of fitting given that this past weekend was the Memorial Run. Thanks again to all the staff who support our efforts to show students how what they learn in the classroom, actually can be applied in the real world beyond our little town. Below are a couple of photos from the trip - ask the students to show you theirs, I'm sure they would appreciate the interest shown.

    Mr. Freeman