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The focus of fourth-grade this year is the integration of reading and language skills throughout the subject areas.  These life skills: problem-solving, verbalization and written expression are practiced and developed daily. 


Eureka is the new math book for the district.
Please visit this   link        for homework answers and great tools to help your son or daughter.

Social Studies
Studying New York State, its history, politics, natural resources and people through readings, literature, projects and written reports utilizes all the ELA (English Language Arts) skills while developing an understanding of the state in which we live. 
Social Studies Review (This from an previous book.)
Erie Canal Field Trip 2013-2014



We cover many topics in 4th grade science.  These topics include Plants, Properties of Matter, Weather and Climate, Earth's Land Resources, Electricity and Magnetism.  
To learn more about each topic we do research, projects, and perform experiments.  We're learning new vocabulary that goes along with each area of study.  We are also learning about the scientific method; we make a hypothesis and then we develop an activity to test our hypothesis. 
In May all 4th graders take a New York State Science Assessment.  This assessment test student's general science knowledge and their ability to perform a variety of experiments.


We are using desktop computers in the computer laboratory and laptop computers in the classroom to learn social studies, science, math, reading, and writing.  Our learning is limitless at school and at home with the use of the Internet, CD-ROMs, and software programs.  

State Testing

As required by the State Education Department, fourth graders will be assessed in the spring (ELA and Math), and May/June (science).



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