Mrs. Cipolla 
    5th Grade
    5th Grade
     Mrs. LaRoach
    6th Grade
     Mrs. Vittum
     7th Grade
    Mr. Schwob will be the WEB Coordinator!
         This function in the middle schools is an integral part of the total educational program. Counselors work closely with administrators, teams and home-based programs in the interest of students.

         The major concerns of counselors are:
    • The adjustments of students personally and academically
    • The administration and interpretation of assessments that become a record of a pupil's achievement and potential
    • Educational planning with students
    • Career awareness
    • Student transition from one educational leave to another

    Parents are encouraged to contact counselors when they have concerns. A parent/student/counselor conference is scheduled during 7th grade for educational counseling. Students may make appointments to see their counselors at any time.


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