Happy New Year Kenmore East


    As we wind down our first month back from summer vacation, I have been extremely impressed by a very smooth opening to the 2017-2018 school year.   There are several new developments, including our new bell schedule, lunch format, and incredible facility upgrades.  Not only is the new gymnasium up and operating, but if you have a chance to visit Sparky Adams Field, you will witness the transformation into a beautiful state of the art turf field, complete with lights and new stands.


    We recently worked in coordination through the Town of Tonawanda Police Department to bring drug-sniffing dogs through the building, and we will do this periodically throughout the year to keep our environment safe.  We are committed to keeping our school environment drug-free.


    Furthermore, I wanted to share with you a word about safety after school.  Students are not to be in the building unattended for any reason after school hours, and while we do not wish to appear unwelcoming to our student body, we do not have the resources for supervision after hours. Therefore, students have the following choices after school:


    1.       Head home (either on the bus or walking).  If a student is to be picked up by a family member, please be sure to pick them up on time, so we cannot have them remain in the building unsupervised.

    2.       Work with a teacher.  Teachers are here every day (except on Fridays) until 3:10 p.m., and then the late bus comes at approximately 3:15 -  3:25.

    3.       Athletes – you are to report to athletic study hall in the Doghouse until practice begins.  We cannot have you wandering the building during this time. 

    Please understand that these rules are in place to insure your safety.     

    Parents, please feel free to stay actively involved in your children’s education.   Stay in contact with your child’s teachers, counselors, and administrators.   And please remember that we are here to assist our learning community in every way possible.

     I am looking forwards to a great school year.  Go Bulldogs!


    Mr. Patrick Heyden