• School Start & End Time Study Committee

    A School Start/End Time Study Committee comprised of Ken-Ton School District teachers, parents, administrators, and other staff was formed to explore and recommend possible alternatives to the district’s current start and end time framework.

    The committee structure has been modeled after the work of the Elementary Schedule Committee, which convened last May to make recommendations to the elementary school day schedule. The committee is co-chaired by Director of Elementary Education Heather Lyon, who chaired the Elementary Schedule Committee, and Community Relations Coordinator Patrick Fanelli. The charge of this committee is to recommend alternative scenarios for the start and end times to the Board of Education for consideration by the March 14 Board of Education meeting.

    The committee includes representation by six teachers, six parents, three school building administrators, two support staff, one Board of Education member, the athletic director, and the transportation supervisor.

    The current framework of start/end times was necessitated by the expansion of bus mileage at the middle school and high school level as well as the recently implemented district consolidation plan. Both of these factors resulted in a significant expansion of the bus fleet. Because of the limited number of buses and drivers, Ken-Ton went from a two-tiered system (in which the start/end times were staggered to accommodate two rounds of back-to-back regular school bus runs) to a three-tiered system (in which the start/end times were staggered to accommodate three rounds of back-to-back regular school bus runs, with drivers completing high schools runs, then middle school runs, then elementary school runs). This created significant limitations on start/end times.

    The committee will be able to explore any possible modifications, such as changing the order in which each level begins and dismisses, beginning/dismissing all schools earlier or later, some combination of modifications, or other changes.

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