• BOCES Program
    BOCES Transportation Information
    •  AM BOCES busses will drop off on Highland.  If you take a bus to Kenmore West, your schedule is not the same as other students attending class here. AM BOCES begins at 7:45am
    •  Mid-day BOCES busses will pick up and drop off on Highland
    •  PM BOCES Busses will pick up on Highland


    The Auditorium has been reserved to house BOCES students until their departure for BOCES on Early Release Days. A teacher aide will be assigned to supervise these students.

    On Early Release days, Ken West students are expected to attend AM & PM BOCES classes as per schedule. In a case where a student will not be attending BOCES on these days, that student’s parent/guardian must contact the BOCES Attendance Office to notify them of the student’s absence. 

    When BOCES is closed, students are still expected to attend their classes here @ Kenmore West.  During BOCES class times, students may return home, or they may report to room 125 @ Kenmore West and be assigned to an existing Study Hall during their BOCES hours.


    In general, all BOCES students must use Kenton buses to be transported to their BOCES classes.  When special permission is granted (working on their car as part of their BOCES training or for Internships purposes), permits/permission slips must be filled out and signed by a parent/guardian and approved by school administrators. These forms can be obtained in room 125.

    For any further questions or information, please feel free to contact room 125.
    Your bus schedule is not the same as other students attending class at Kenmore West. AM BOCES begins at 7:45am and the bus schedule is as follows: BOCES AM Bus Stop Schedule
    If a student misses his/her BOCES bus, the student must report to the Attendance Office. A call will be made home to see if a parent can come and drive the student to BOCES. If transportation cannot be arranged, attendance will send the student to the ISS Room (Rm. 151) where they can work quietly until his/her first Ken West class begins.

Last Modified on July 31, 2016