• Kenmore East High School
    Welcome to Physical Education

    Things you need for the Physical Education at
    Kenmore East
    • Combination Lock
    • CHANGE OF CLOTHES-shorts, sweatpants, t-shirt, and sneakers
      You must have your own locker, no sharing lockers 
    • Medical notes must be turned in ASAP-Swim medicals must be turned in before swim block starts
    Physical Education Make-ups
    Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday    7:10-7:35    or      2:30- 2:55
    • You MUST be on time, IN THE GYM by 7:10 or 2:30.  Please come directly from 9th period to the locker room and change.  You are graded during your make-up, just as you are in class.  
    • If you are a PM BOCES student, you must make up your missed class either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning, 7:10-7:35.  
    • NO CELL PHONE USE DURING MAKE-UPS-If you are caught you will be asked to leave- the make-up will be a ZERO
    • You may earn partial credit for unprepareds
    • You may earn full credit points for any legal miss. 
    • During a PE Block, you may miss up to 2 classes for school related events without having to make-up (Music lessons/field trips) 


    • Please wear appropriate clothing for Phys Ed. 
    • NO TANK TOPS OR NO SHORT SHORTS Will be permitted.